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Kathlyn & Zach | Engagement
Capitol Hill, Washington DC

Five minutes into their session, we had already talked about our love of The Office, so I knew I was going to LOVE these two! Kathlyn and Zach laughed their entire session, and I laughed right along with them! They also brought their adorable dog, Harvey, which I absolutely loved!! They met while working for Congress. Their desks were a just few feet apart, just like Jim and Pam!! So, I was so excited to explore Capitol Hill in Washington, DC for their engagement session for the first time with two people who know it so well!

Because of their jobs, Kathlyn and Zach were not able to date right away, so they became friends. They knew they were destined to be more than that, so they grew their friendship and waited to officially start dating until they moved on from their jobs. Both Kathlyn and Zach said they have come a long way from those two desks, but I was so honored to capture the next chapter of their lives around the place where it all began!

If you saw my Instagram post the night of their engagement shoot, you know that I completely LOST my voice that night!! I have only lost my voice one other time in my entire life, so I know I was screaming, “YESS!!! I LOVE THIS!!!” way too much! But, I couldn’t care less. I LOVE these images from their engagement shoot! Kathlyn and Zach are so joyful! They couldn’t stop laughing the entire time! I love laughter and joy in my photos, so they totally made my life easy!

Not only did they make my job easy, we felt like instant friends taking a walk around the city! Both Kathlyn and Zach were so sweet and genuine. They both were excited to be taking pictures and getting to know me, and I really appreciated that!

Kathlyn & Zach, I cannot wait for your wedding day!! I hope you love these as much as I do!!

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