Virginia Based Joyful Wedding Photographer

There's magic in the look your groom will give you when you see each other for the first time, in the joy you'll experience as you walk around your venue, and the first dance you have as husband and wife. You deserve someone who sees that magic and joy and loves capturing it for you forever.

I find joy and excitement over capturing every little moment that will help you relive your day for years to come.


Expect me to be tearing up behind the camera as you see your groom for the first time and when you share your first dance. You might find me sprinting around your venue to make your day easier! But more than anything, I'll be there to make your day more fun!


Virginia and destination


"Hanna is absolutely amazing- she is so fun and easy to work with..."

Meg & Adam

I'm the extra bridesmaid, hype-girl, and friend with the camera who will also be fluffing your dress, getting you excited and dancing the night away! 

Capturing your engagement is just as important as your wedding day. I tell you everything you will need to do to look natural and feel like yourselves, even if you consider yourself to be "awkward"! 


Always included


"she captured him looking so natural, happy, and smiley"

Mariah & Travis

Your photos are important, but more importantly, you should have fun on your wedding day. Soaking up the joy and excitement with your friends and family should be celebrated!

I make your day more fun and relaxing.

Being a part of your wedding day means so much to me, that I will literally be on the cloud 9 the entire day! Don't be surprised if I gush over your gown with you bridesmaids, or tear up at your dance with your dad! I am all in and love every moment of it! 

I'm just as excited as you

With your trust, I will make magic on your wedding day! I take the most ordinary looking spaces and make them look high-end, romantic, and fun!

I make magic out of the ordinary.



If you're looking for bright, airy photos that feel authentic and joyful, you've come to the right place! Click below to learn more about the bridal experience!

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The Bridal Experience

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