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May 9, 2019

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I am so excited to share this exciting post with all of you! Recently, I had one of my brides ask about how to choose her wedding colors! I thought this was probably something that a lot of brides, including myself when I planned my wedding, would like to know! So, I thought it would be fun to share my perspective as a photographer and share the perspective of an awesome local wedding planner, Kolena of Blue Sapphire Events, as well!

It’s mostly a personal preference

When selecting your wedding colors, you should definitely end up LOVING them! My favorite color is blue, so I knew I wanted my girls to wear blue dresses! I didn’t want it to overpower anything, so I chose a light blue instead of a bright blue! Then I decided on the rest of my colors from there! Kolena agreed with me by saying “I think wedding colors are all about personal preference but with moderation. Bright colors can sometimes take away from the delicate details of your wedding. I love using more muted colors and really allowing certain elements to pop like the florals, candles, and other decor items.”

If you aren’t sure what your “favorite color” might be, or if you have multiple favorite colors, my favorite recommendation is to scroll through Pinterest! Searching “wedding color palette” can give you an idea of how multiple colors look together. Create a board JUST for colors and pin 10-20 pictures of your favorite colors and scroll through to find the patterns in your pictures! Do you lean towards pinks, purples, greens, or blues? Once you have a general color palette, you can build your colors from there!

Colors change the feeling of your photos

Like we both said above, muted and softer colors are beautiful and really let every detail of your wedding shine! Not only that, but they also look AMAZING in photos! The dresses your girls wear will be in a lot of pictures and that color will continue to appear throughout your entire gallery. The color you choose will change the look and feel of your photos. If you want a more light and airy feel to your photos, be sure to choose a lighter color! If you want a richer feel to your photos, darker colors will be perfect. I love a good forest green or black! But, the best way to still have bright and beautiful pictures with a darker color is to make sure your venue has light or white walls, and wide-open areas!

Grey Bridesmaids Dresses with With FlowersConsider your venue colors

Like I mentioned above, your venue affects your pictures and your wedding colors as well! Kolena advises her couples when selecting their wedding colors to already have their venue booked. Some venues will already have very vibrant colors in the decor so a more neutral color palette will complement the space. However, if your venue is very neutral, you can play around a little bit more with the colors since they will pop against the neutral venue colors. If your venue has a dark floor you may want to stray away from dark table linens as they can make the reception space look very dark and really drown out your decor elements.

Your colors affect a lot more than just florals and dresses

When I was planning my wedding, I focused most of my efforts on the florals and the dresses and didn’t really consider my table linens until much later! Kolena brought up a great point when planning your colors! She said that she LOVES patterned linens but in moderation. An awesome way to create a unique overall look is to use patterned linen but alternate it with matching solid linen. This really makes the pattern pop; saves you money (because neutral linens are typically cheaper or already come with the venue), and adds a multi-dimensional look to your design.

I hope this helped you narrow down your wedding colors! If you liked this blog, you may also enjoy:

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Thank you Kolena for your help with these tips!! You can find her on Instagram here or on her website here!

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