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5 Things Every Bridal Suite Needs On The Wedding Day
How to make the most of the morning!

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January 30, 2019

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Bride getting into her shoes in the bridal suite

As a bride, bridesmaid, and wedding photographer, I have been in a lot of bridal suites! Bridal suites on the wedding day are so much fun because everyone is so excited, drinking mimosas, and dancing to music. However, they can also be stressful and filled with nerves. So it’s really important that you have a fully stocked bridal suite to make sure you and your bridesmaids can enjoy every moment of the getting ready process! Below are 5 things that are essential to creating a fun atmosphere for the best day of your life!


A good playlist and bluetooth speaker

Your wedding day is a PARTY to celebrate the love between you and your new HUSBAND! So why not start the party right away?! You asked your bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding day for a reason, and it’s important to let yourself relax and have fun with them! A speaker may not be the first thing you think of to bring, but believe me it is vital to create the party atmosphere and excitement you want in the bridal suite. Who doesn’t love a good sing along to Backstreet Boys while getting pampered with your best friends?!

Delegate your playlist to your Maid of Honor or another bridesmaid who has great music taste! Tell them some of your must have songs (like my personal favorite “Shut Up and Dance” or “Dear Future Husband”) and trust her to do the rest. She will take that job so seriously (because she loves you!) , and it’s one less thing for you to worry about!


A healthy breakfast (with all the mimosas of course!)

This is an easy thing to forget, but most of your girls will wake up and come straight to hang out with you in the morning. So it’s important to provide food! A healthy breakfast is very important to make sure everyone feels good and has enough energy to stand by your side all day. It can be a really long day for the girls because hair and makeup can take a long time. Plus, it’s fun to snack on some fruit or a bagel while you talk all about how your wedding day is finally here!

Some ideas for a healthy breakfast include a bagel bar with cream cheese and fruit, oatmeal bar with toppings, breakfast sandwiches from a local bagel shop, or take advantage of your hotel breakfast! Don’t forget to also have a lot of water on hand to stay hydrated!


Enjoying mimosas in the bridal suite on your wedding morningCute monogrammed cups or glasses

This one might not sound as important, but believe me, it is! With so many girls in one room, it’s easy to lose your glass or cup. But when you have your name on your glass, it makes it easy to find your drink! I have gotten a personalize wine glass and water bottle, and I loved both of them! I absolutely LOVE the champagne flutes with the names painted on because they are perfect for a champagne toast picture as well. Any kind of cup will work, but the cuter the better!

Etsy is a great spot to find beautiful glasses. But, if you want something more personal, contact Your Favorite Font here!  Bryn personalizes every order in her own handwriting! It’s the perfect, practical gift for your girls. She has adorable tumblers here, cute champagne glasses here, and adorable wine glasses here!


An emergency kit

Every bridal suite needs an emergency kit. There are a ton of kits that you can buy. Although, if I am being honest, it’s pretty easy to create yourself! Here are some essentials for your emergency kit:

  • band aids and neosporin
  • advil/tylenol, tums, allergy pills, eye drops, etc.
  • crazy glue
  • bobby pins
  • safety pins
  • extra hairspray and deodorant
  • mints
  • hand lotion
  • hand sanitizer
  • nail polish remover and emery board
  • lip balm

Samples are the perfect size for an emergency kit! Try your local Sephora or CVS for travel sized things too!


Simple decorations

Decorations are really fun to have in your bridal suite! You don’t need to do too many decorations because your photographer will want a clean background without distractions or decorations behind you as you get into your wedding dress. But, decorations can really bring some life into a boring hotel room! Add some confetti on the table. Bring some custom napkins and pretty plates! Add some chic decorations to the walls away from the windows to bring excitement. A few decorations can go a long way to make your morning more fun!


bridesmaids helping bride get ready in Bridal Suite

Bonus! Bring confetti for a fun confetti shot!

Confetti is not only for tables! We can get a really cute picture of you and your girls throwing confetti into the air if you bring confetti to the getting ready room. It makes for a really exciting and fun picture and experience! It’s such a fun way to celebrate your last morning before you are a wife!

Wedding Day Getting Ready Matching Pajamas throwing pajamas

Remember, the bridal suite is all about having fun and enjoying the time together with your girls. You are about to have the most exciting day of your life, so relax. Enjoy a mimosa and get pampered. It’s your day!

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