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Meg & Jared
Stover Hall Luray, VA Wedding

As Jared and Meg held hands around the door at Stover Hall, reading letters written as a prayer for their marriage to each other, I couldn’t help but silently pray too. The hope, excitement, and anticipation for their marriage hung in the air. They talked about their mornings and how much they loved each other. At that moment, I fell in love with first touches. They didn’t see each other, but they couldn’t have been happier. Walking back to her family, Meg was beaming and even more excited than she was before reading Jared’s letter. Their Stover Hall wedding in Luray, Virginia went by so fast with lots of laughter and chats with family and friends. But, during this quiet moment, it was just them. And it was perfect.

Meg and Jared love their families so much, and it was so fun to get to know them all! The best part of Stover Hall was that everyone was at the venue all day! Jared’s mom surprised Meg in the getting ready room, and Meg was so happy to see her and share that moment with her. I loved how their families loved each other the entire day! It truly was like these two families were already joined before the wedding!

Couples who get married at Stover Hall receive an old lock and key with their wedding date and names on it to lock to the wall of the venue. Inside the venue, there are two walls full of all the locks representing the love the couples have for each other! Meg and Jared were so excited to put their lock on the wall, and it was definitely one of my favorite parts of the night too! Scroll down to see the awesome lock!

Meg & Jared

I hope you have the BEST honeymoon and love these pictures as much as I do! It was the perfect day! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and laughs!

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