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My Fiddle Leaf Fig Update
My first ever plant adventure


March 5, 2019

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Last month, I decided I was gonna do something I was not confident in at all. I was gonna buy a plant.

So, on a whim, Josh and I went to a specialty plant store to buy a tree for our living room. Trevor came with us and ran around like crazy the whole time. We quickly realized how out-of-our-element we actually were and decided to leave and come back later. Who knew that specialty plant stores are so expensive!

But I knew I wanted a fiddle-leaf fig. So, in the middle of a snowstorm in January, I trekked to Home Depot with Trevor and found one! It is tiny so more of a small bush than a tree, but I was so thrilled! I knew I had to have it!

I stuffed put it carefully in my car and happily drove home! Well, it turns out you need to repot plants in a bigger pot after you buy them at the store. (Being a new plant mom, I had no idea this was a thing!) I googled how to take care of a fiddle-leaf and found tons of articles that helped me plan out what I wanted to do.

So, the next day, when the roads were clear of the snow, I ventured back to Home Depot to buy a pot. I walked over to the plant section and turned towards the pots. That’s when I saw it… A FIDDLE-LEAF TREE! It was like fate. Josh’s only reaction to the first fiddle-leaf I had bought was that it was small. So, when I saw this 4-foot tree, I put in right in the cart! I felt like I might be getting in over my head, but couldn’t help myself! It was beautiful!

Using that plant as a guide, I bought the best pots I could find and one bag of extra soil. I proudly stuffed the tree into my car and drove home to re-pot my new plants!

Well… I didn’t research the size of the pot I needed enough and my pots were too small! Did I mention that I just jumped into this plant-mom thing?!! I remember standing in the middle of my kitchen with half of the tree roots hanging out of the top of the pot and laughing at myself knowing I have no idea what I am doing.

It took me 5 different trips to 5 different stores to find pots in the middle of winter that would fit my trees. But it was totally worth it. Thank God Lowes had two beautiful white pots for my trees! It wasn’t an easy ride

I am nowhere near an expert plant mom, but I water them whenever their soil seems really dry. So far, they are alive and THRIVING! I can already tell that the leaves are moving towards the sun! There is even a little leaf coming out of the top of the tree!!  They make our home feel so alive, and I love it!  I am so excited to keep watching them grow!

Do you own any Fiddle-Leaf Figs? Or want to!? Tell me in the comments below!

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I'm Hanna, and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about our lives, weddings, and other photography things! Stay a while and say hello!

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