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April 16, 2020

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Hi there! Welcome to the Hanna Morgan blog, a journal about our lives, weddings, and photography. Stay a while and say hello!

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I have been wanting to start this series on the blog for a LONG time! Living the quarantine life during the coronavirus pandemic is giving me the perfect excuse to start. So introducing the Life with the Morgans series, where I will be filling you in on our daily life, monthly events, and just our family! I hope that this series will become a place to get to know our family more and to learn about why I do what I do!

Cherry Tree Family Session

Staying home?

So to start, I wanted to share how we are spending our time during the stay at home order here in Virginia. Our quarantine life looks a lot different than others. While a lot of people are staying home to work, Josh is still going to work everyday! He works as a controller for two car dealerships in Woodbridge, Virginia. His daily work includes a lot of accounting work, while simultaneously managing everyone at the two dealerships. He only started at this position in February, so his first few months have been truly crazy, learning a new job while learning how to be in business in a pandemic.

So the only thing that has changed for our family is that Trevor and I don’t go to Target or the park as much! Well, we still go to Target to pick up orders. I mean, I can’t live without Target completely right?! At first, it wasn’t too hard. But now that we are on week 5 of staying home, Trevor is starting to get restless. But I can’t blame him because so am I! We have spent a lot of time watching movies and shows, which gives us plenty of time for cuddles. I’ve also started teaching Trevor his letters. He can now sing the entire alphabet on his own! It’s so cute, and I am so proud of him! I am loving this special one-on-one time at home before his baby brother comes!

Coronavirus UpdateWeekend Life

Every weekend is so much fun because Josh is home to hang out with us! We have done a ton of home projects and still have more to come! But seriously, can you blame me?! I am stuck at home staring at all the things I’ve been wanting to change since we moved in but never had time to do. Anyone else doing home projects?! We replaced our front door handle, updated the powder room by taking out the 20-year-old gross gold fixtures, reorganized and simplified all of our bedrooms, reorganized the pantry, painted a wall in the playroom, organized the playroom toys with new shelves, and a bunch of other small jobs! We also started painting our cabinets which has made such a huge difference in our home! I can’t wait for them to be done so we can move on to complete the nursery!

Coronavirus Update Quarantine Life

Easter was Extra Special

I loved Easter this year. I know that may not be the popular opinion, but I did. It was our first holiday that we have ever celebrated at home! We love our family and celebrating with them, so we always travel for Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving! We alternate holidays with my and Josh’s family, and I love being with them all! But clearly, living the quarantine life meant we couldn’t go anywhere! So, I cooked a huge Easter brunch, did an Easter egg hunt for Trevor, dyed Easter eggs together, and we spent the day playing together as a family. With everything going on in the world, I was so thankful to have a wonderful day that felt happy!

Cherry Tree Maternity Session Cherry Tree Family Session during Quarantine

My thoughts on the Coronavirus

When we were first shut down back in March, I was scared, angry, and anxious. I couldn’t understand why car dealerships were still open when it felt like everything else was shut down. Josh was working in a small office space with less than 10 people, and one of his employees had just returned from a hot spot in California. I was a little over 25 weeks pregnant, and I couldn’t believe that the world was falling apart without knowing exactly how everything would end up. For three weeks I obsessively checked the news and stalked the maps and numbers. I wanted to know everything, but the problem was no one knew anything!

But then, God stepped in. He threw open my Bible and reminded me that He was still working. Read more about that moment here! Since then, I have been feeling this unexplainable peace. And let me be clear; It is not from me but God. So, while more and more cases continued to be diagnosed last week, I calmly continued our home life without the constant anxiety that filled the weeks prior. It has been a true blessing to feel this peace in the midst of the craziest moment in most of our lives. And I know that most people do not feel this way. The coronavirus is still scary, but I know there is hope for the future. And I am looking forward to it!

That doesn’t mean I am always happy or always peaceful. I still think about June a lot and how labor will be different this time around. I still worry that Josh will come home with a fever and cough. Every night, I obsessively make sure Josh still washes his hands with hand sanitizer before walking into the house. I won’t go grocery shopping or venture out of the house except to drive around a cranky toddler. But I know there is more for our family. I know that this time is meant to be special and not filled with fear. I want to live each day excited for the unique time I get to spend with Trevor and Josh. And above all,

I can’t wait for this baby to join our family soon!

Cherry Tree Family Session in quarantine life

Thank you so much for reading the first-ever Life with the Morgans all about our quarantine life!

With Love,


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