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Charlotte & Kevin | Engagement
Greenfield Park and Breezy View Overlook Lancaster, PA

I have known Charlotte’s best friend Torie for 7 years! Torie and I lived together at Penn State! For 7 years, Torie told me I would LOVE Charlotte. But every time Charlotte came to visit, I wasn’t there. Somehow it took us 7 YEARS to finally meet, and I wish it had been sooner! She is the sweetest person, and Kevin is an awesome fianc√©! I am so excited and honored to be a part of their wedding day!

When Charlotte first emailed me the location they wanted for their engagement session, I got really excited! Josh and I got married in Lancaster on a rainy day and took pictures at Greenfield Park! When I read her email, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I haven’t been back to that park since our wedding day, so I was so excited to go there and capture their engagement photos!

Charlotte and Kevin met in college! Their roommates were dating, so Charlotte and Kevin spent time together playing ping pong. Eventually, Kevin would come over even if his roommate didn’t just to see Charlotte and play ping pong together. I could tell there were a lot of competitive feelings surrounding ping pong even to this day! Charlotte claims she won more games, but so did Kevin! I guess we will never know!

Kevin decided to propose to Charlotte on a Wednesday, which almost gave it all away! He had a reservation to one of their favorite local restaurants, and Charlotte thought it was weird! After dinner, he asked her to marry him at their place! Charlotte didn’t want anything elaborate so it was the perfect proposal! And just wait until you see the RING!! I have never seen a more unique and beautiful ring! Kevin knew she loved pearls, and he totally knocked it out of the park with this one!

Charlotte & Kevin,

I LOVED our session together, and I hope you love this sneak peek! I cannot wait for your wedding this fall!!

When we arrived at the second location, I saw a rainbow!! I love the promise rainbows hold, and I love that we saw one!

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