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A Date in Georgetown
The Adventures of Josh & Hanna

“Dad decided on his birthday present for this year. He wants to come to watch Trevor so that you and Josh can go on a date,” my mom explained to me over the phone. It was a big deal to have my parents drive 6-hours to come to visit us. I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to have a full day with just Josh and to spend time with my parents. Being 6-hours from my parents and 2.5 hours from Josh’s parents, we don’t get many chances to go out on full-day dates!

I immediately started researching all the crazy ideas in my head: flying to Iceland or Florida for the weekend, renting a cabin on a winery, or driving to the beach.

After about 5 hours of research, Josh mentioned that traveling would be just as expensive as going all out in Washington, DC or Georgetown.

So, we had a TREAT YO SELF-2019! (Thanks Parks and Rec!)


We started by looking for a brunch place. I LOVE brunch, so it was the perfect way to start our date day. We found a cool, tucked-away place called The Sovereign. We followed a little lantern-lined alley to the front door and then walked down into their windowless bar. Two mimosas and a salmon cream cheese omelet later I was so full and feeling ready to party!

Next, we went shopping. Josh insisted we go into as many stores as possible. We ended up in Kendra Scott.  I love Kendra Scott jewelry. I have a Kendra Scott long necklace that I wear every time I dress up, but I have always had my eye on the choker necklaces.

When we walked in, the women offered us champagne. (I mean, why not!) We walked around for a while looking at all the gorgeous jewelry drinking champagne. Right before we left, I showed Josh the necklace I wanted in the future. Then, he looked at me and said, “Get it!” No, I said, I couldn’t possibly buy a necklace I don’t need. “Treat Yo-Self!” was all that Josh had to say. 10 minutes later, we walked out with a new necklace on my neck! I love it so much! Trevor loves to play with it and say dada which melts my heart even more.

After a lot of shopping, we wandered into Pinstripes and went bowling! We hadn’t bowled in years, so we really enjoyed the competition! I got 4 strikes (which is a lot for me!) in the 3 games we played. Josh won, but I enjoyed giving him a challenge!

After bowling, we grabbed a coffee on the waterfront and ate dinner at Farmers Fishers Bakers next to a romantic firepit. It was really nice to eat in a restaurant without worrying about Trevor. I love being his mom, but it can be a lot of work when out in public!

The best part of the day? We went to the movies! The movies used to be our FAVORITE date night before Trevor. But now, it’s hard to go. We didn’t plan anything for our entire day ahead of time except going to the movies, and I really loved ending our day with a cute, romantic movie like Five Feet Apart and a bag of popcorn.

There really is nothing better! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!


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