I'm a blue jeans and yoga pants girl who loves to dress up every once in a while! I LOVE curling my hair, but 95% of the time its up in a bun after my workout. I could watch The Office or Parks and Recreation over and over again, but I also love a good mystery show. I am a passionate person who LOVES college football, especially Penn State football! I also am obsessed with everything Disney and would live in Florida if I could just to visit Disney all the time! (Belle is my favorite princess!)

I grew up in West Chester, PA and moved to Northern Virginia in 2015 after our wedding. We love to hang out at wineries, go out to dinner and drinks together, and host game nights at home. I love a good fish taco, can't wait to cuddle with my man after a long day! I tear up during every Disney movie, wedding ceremony, and first dance, but didn't cry on my wedding day because I couldn't stop smiling.

hi friend!

Walt disney

"There's a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day."

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