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Grab your glass of wine

I'm a blue jeans and yoga pants girl who loves to dress up every once in a while! I LOVE curling my hair, but 95% of the time its up in a bun after my workout. I could watch The Office or Parks and Recreation over and over again, but I also love a good mystery show. I am a passionate person who LOVES college football, especially Penn State! WE ARE! If I could, I would be at my favorite wineries every weekend enjoying a glass or two with friends and family.

I grew up in West Chester, PA and moved to Northern Virginia in 2015 after our wedding. Josh and I have grown so much in the 10 years since we met in high school, and I have loved every minute of it. I am not a crier, but I tear up during every Disney movie, wedding ceremony, and first dance. But, I didn't cry on my wedding day; I was just too happy to stop smiling! 


the salt air

While I may not live by the ocean, our family lives for family vacations on the beach. Something about the salt air fills me with peace and happiness

Oreos with

peanut butter

oreos with peanut butter are the best dessert. so yummy!



Red wine is my go-to drink. I love to have a good glass of wine with friends or tasting new wines at our favorite winery. 



I have always been obsessed with disney princesses. There is nothing that compares with disney magic!


Game night

I love board games and playing games with friends! give me a good glass of wine and a few friends, and I will probably propose that we play a game!

channeling my

inner jojo

working on our new home together is so fun. I love scrolling through pinterest, but can also get my hands dirty with some good demo

Just a few


at a glance


My hope as your wedding photographer is to be your hype girl, friend, confidant, and your go-to so that your wedding day goes smoothly.

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